Altered Waves

Altered Waves
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The rip-roaring sound of Altered Waves is made up of multi-instrumentalists Davide and Anthony from Montreal.

The rip-roaring sound of Altered Waves emerges from the music scene in Montreal which is famous for its energy. The band is made up of Anthony Santopolo and Davide Campellone, both natives of Montreal with the same goal: to make music which electrifies and entrances its listeners. Davide came from a humble musical background. As a talented multi-instrumentalist, his experience as a musician within various cover bands enriched his already diverse skill set and boosted his motivation. Influenced by music that was continuously played at home and an ongoing interest in electronic music, the drive to create music grew and the desire to dive into the realm of production was inevitable. Anthony, also hailing from Montreal, discovered he had an ear for music at the ripe age of 13. Upon attending a music event, Anthony became captivated by the crowd’s reaction to the DJ and in that moment, knew it was a dream he wanted to pursue. He quickly mastered the art of mixing and soon realized he that wanted to create a stronger connection with the crowd. Anthony and Davide decided to join talents, creating Altered Waves. With Anthony’s driving bass lines and Davide’s melodic inspirations, the duo creates a unique blend of sounds that are sure to keep the audience's attention.

Releases: SLST008: Altered Waves : V3 & Collide
Tracks: Altered Waves : V3 (Extended Mix) (Buy Download)
Altered Waves : Collide (Extended Mix) (Buy Download)