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Dee Am
"Basic Thoughts"

Bursting into 2022 with some fresh new talent! We welcome Dee Am to the Solar Storm family.

Bursting into 2022 with some fresh new talent! We are delighted to present the latest single from Dee Am, entitled 'Basic Thoughts' and welcome him to the Solar Storm family.
The Russian artist based in Saratov recently came onto the scene and has been releasing class productions on Elliptical Sun melodies over the last year.
We were captivated as soon as we first listened to "Basic Thoughts" due to the distinct lead hook. This uplifting catchy melody is juxtaposed with a fierce bass line that tears though the mix. Dee Am pays attention to detail in all of his productions and this is no exception. The glitchy percussion and sound effects help drive the track forward along with the tight drums, making this a dance floor weapon. Atmospheric pads build up the tone and the structural developments in this crisp and clean production keep you engaged
The single is reinforced with a downtempo edit. Dee Am deconstructs the lead melody and explores the themes whilst introducing a totally new vibe to the track. This version feel deep and spacious, with delicate percussion and sound effects. The lead synth bursts through the space created within the mix, fluctuating between the stripped back beats. A sweeping sub bass glides below the high frequency elements like fingers through silk. This downtempo chilled out version is the perfect counterpart to the release.
We're looking forward to hearing more great productions from Dee Am in the near future!

Written & Produced by Dmitry Slyadnev.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor.
(P) & (C) 2022 Solar Storm

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