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SLST013: Altered Waves : Ephemeral

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Altered Waves
"V3 & Collide"

Altered Waves are Anthony and Davide from the energetic music scene in Montreal.

The rip-roaring sound of Altered Waves emerges from the music scene in Montreal which is famous for its energy. The duo is made up of Anthony Santopolo and Davide Campellone, both natives of Montreal with the same goal: to make music which electrifies and entrances its listeners.
Their debut single boasts two transcendental tracks: 'V3 & Collide'. 'V3' has a deceivingly stripped-back opening until rhythmic and euphoric layers are added in anticipation of a climatic release of energy. The track encapsulates the Trance genre's tendency to take its listener on an emotional journey through building cymbal rolls. Next up is 'Collide'; Altered Waves make use of drum machines and striking keys to create an uplifting voyage fueled by deep and dirty beats. The strong rhythms are broken up with moments of elation and peacefulness. The combination leaves you dancing whether you like it or not.

Written & Produced by Anthony Santopolo & Davide Campellone.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2019 Solar Storm

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